Philosophy, Values, and Approach

Community Accelerators aims to further the work of socially innovative organizations by facilitating and building connections, projects, and partnerships, between diverse community groups, businesses, and stakeholders to achieve community-led change in terms of the environment, health, education and economy.

Many socially innovative organizations work to create learning and leadership opportunity for youth and adults. They support leadership development by building networks, offering mentorship and training with purposeful experiential-learning programs. These innovative organizations inspire, empower, and build future leaders.

We accelerate this positive change by supporting communities and initiatives to become self-sustaining and self-functioning.  We approach all of our projects by asking ourselves two questions, 1. How can this better the community? And 2. How can the leaders and participants of this initiative be rewarded for their outstanding work?

It is our belief that by crafting and developing programs with initial financial and administrative support we can create meaningful long-lasting, self-sustaining community groups, non-profits and social enterprises that work to better their local community (while empowering community leaders along the way).

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