Our Story

Community Accelerators is a group of social-environmental practitioners who curate sustainable, innovative, thriving communities through local cross-sector collaboration. Communities that offer abundant services and enrichment opportunities in health, environment, education and economy sectors are often the healthiest and happiest.

Our model for change is based on our understanding that  thriving communities are those which create conversations, projects, and programs where diverse NGOs, businesses, and stakeholders work together for common community goals in health, the environment, education and the economy

Olivia and Emily met while studying Environmental Science at Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC. Throughout our studies, we deepened our understanding of environmental issues and solutions, human health standards, anthropogenic environments, and the long-term benefits of socially and environmentally responsible communities. The fact that environmental science degrees include human health and community planning is often overlooked by the general public; we, as social-environmental practitioners, can share our learnings and understanding of the interconnectedness of environment, health, education, and economy to facilitate partnerships and project between diverse groups and business for common community goals.

After graduation, we emerged full of knowledge, passion, and energy – ready for meaningful and impactful work! We found ourselves searching for opportunities to experiment, collaborate, and create change.   Full of ideas and backed by the mentorship services and financial support of various young leadership development organizations, Community Accelerators was formed. We again would like to thank these organizations for all of their amazing work and assistance!

We are pleased to build upon the work of large-scale leadership development organizations by working in communities to give leaders and innovators opportunities to contribute to their community’s well-being and sustainability. We are avid networkers and have had the pleasure of meeting so many passionate people who want to lead projects for the greater good. Community Accelerators was created to support these leaders, to engage the disengaged, and to help diverse groups work together!

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