Sustainability Talks and Upcycling Workshops

The first event of our community upcycling exploration journey was a great place to start. I was invited to visit grade 7s and 8s at Coast Mountain Academy to talk about the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the importance of volunteering/being involved in your community… andĀ of course upcycling!


These kids were SO involved inĀ volunteering, it was amazing!! And after the presentation and group discussions about volunteering they, we quick to get creative in their upcycling endeavours. Many created purses and more structured bags, with colourful yarn.





Some went even further and created clothing and “space gear”, this inspired us to vamp up the upcycling contest for youth in the Fall so they can make upcycled Halloween costumes!



It was a great day, youth are ever inspirational and energetic! For fresh to death ideas, laughs and inspiration always involve youth in your community projects!


Sustainability Talks and Upcycling Workshops

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